About Us

Hi!! I’m Ketura and I’m so excited to introduce to you the Tee Hee Boutique! If you BLING it they will come! (Tee Hee) I’m having my own little Field Of Dreams right here, so time to suit up for that home run look in one of the many fabulous outfits in my Tee Hee Boutique.  I am here to spill the tea on myself, well better tea then wine right? Now that would be worth crying about, I mean did you ever understand why people cry over spilled milk? (Tee Hee) Who cares about a lil milk down the drain. Am I right or what!?  OK back to me and the boutique, as you can see sometimes I get a lil off topic (Tee Hee)! 

 I am like so many of you fabulous people out there, that’s right I think I’m fabulous, sassy and fun, (Tee Hee) and you should think you are too!   I’m that mom who drops everything for my kids and fur babies round the clock and sometimes forgets about ME!  I wear my heart on my sleeve…ohhh mental note must get hoodies with hearts on sleeves that sounds super fun, fuzzy ones (Tee Hee).  

OK now where were we oh yassssss, talking about ME!

With all silliness aside, I mean come on this is the Tee Hee Boutique after all, but what’s life without endless laughter and love.  I want to share my creative vibes with you and for you to share with me.  Have an idea, lay it on me, I’m so open to do what you’re envisioning.  So let’s create and recreate adorable outfits to share with your kids, friends and pets.  

Let the Tee Hee Boutique be your happy place for YOU! I’m in it to win it, I’m talking no whammies as I Press my Luck into this new venture and I’m so excited to share it ALL with you. Yolo Baby! Live, Love and Tee Hee of course. 



Ketura xo!